Myositis Ossificans and Therapeutic Ultrasound

Myositis Ossificans and Therapeutic Ultrasound

Myositis ossificans is the formation of bone tissue inside muscle tissue after a traumatic injury to the area. This type of injury is usually caused by an acute deep muscle bruise or repeated muscular trauma to the same spot. It’s rarely caused by a bad muscle strain. The forming of the bony tissue is a mistake in the way the body is trying to heal. The thigh is the most common area to experience myositis ossificans. A person can feel pain inside the muscles, have restricted movement in the leg and will be able to feel a hard lump deep in the muscle.

Some of the most common causes for this condition are as follows:

  • Contusions that are severe or result in a large loss of movement
  • Patients who don’t rest sufficiently following a contusion
  • Patients who receive massage too soon or too vigorously following injury
  • Patients who continue to play through injury
  • Patients who recommence sport too early following injury

Initially, it is advised to to rest and immobilise the injured limb for 3‐4 weeks to see if it heals on  it’s own. During this time, anti‐inflammatory drugs can be taken to help with the pain. If the lump doesn’t disappear on it’s own, surgery may be suggested but this rarely happens. It is only  a option if the bony tissue is causing excessive pain, compressing a nerve or if interferes greatly  with your range of motion.

Therapeutic ultrasound helps specifically to break up the bony growth. This is done to make it  easier for the body to reabsorb the bony tissue and form healthy muscle tissue. Therapeutic  ultrasound provides benefit to you as well by accelerating tissue healing to help speed up  healing.


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