Pes Anserine Bursitis and Therapeutic Ultrasound

Pes Anserine Bursitis and Therapeutic Ultrasound

The knee is one of the areas of the body most frequently impacted by pain or injury. It performs multiple functions; it bends, twists slightly, and bears weight on a daily basis.

Bursitis is a very common form of knee pain and it is caused by inflammation of small, fluid­filled sacs that surround joints in order to keep skin, muscle, and bone from rubbing against each other and causing painful friction.

Pes Anserine bursitis impacts the bursa on the underside of the knee. Bursitis can be both acute and chronic, meaning it can come about from a single injury or develop gradually over time.

Anserine bursitis can be caused by blunt trauma to the back of the knee, but most often occurs from repetitive motion, overuse injuries, and improper stretching, and it is more common in women than men. Overweight people can be at greater risk, since their knee joints receive a greater weight bearing force from day­-to-­day.

Inflammation to the bursa presents with pain and swelling, and it is important to reduce the inflammation as soon as possible, since walking on a swollen knee can lead to greater injury, which then causes greater inflammation.

Some common methods of treatment include:

  • Ceasing the activity or activities that caused the problem
  • Resting the knee and trying not to bend it
  • Elevating the knee to reduce swelling
  • Icing the knee for short intervals several times a day
  • Steroid injections, in the case of more serious injury

Therapeutic ultrasound is another effective treatment for bursitis. Micro­vibrations create a low­intensity thermal effect, which in turn helps promote blood flow and relax tense muscles. Increasing the nutrients received by the injured area helps it to heal faster, and the reduction in swelling alleviates pain.

Additionally, ultrasound can be a good alternative to steroids for someone who is not comfortable with injections.

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