Clear Ultrasound Gel Vs Gel Containing Dyes

Clear Ultrasound Gel Vs Gel Containing Dyes

Ultrasound gel’s main function is being hyper-ionic; this allows it to conduct ultrasonic sound waves straight into the body using a home ultrasound machine. Ultrasound therapy is ineffective, if not useless, without the proper conductivity gel. There are numerous home ultrasound machine reviews you can find all across the web regarding the use of ultrasound gel and ultrasound gel with dyes for a home ultrasound machine. Clear ultrasound gel allows for no experiences with allergic reactions that can trigger from the dyes that reside in other ultrasonic gels when used with a home ultrasound machine.

Clear ultrasound gel is formulated for sensitive skin, so it does not contain any sort of fragrance or dyes, because these are known causes for skin irritation while using a home ultrasound machine. Many home ultrasound machine reviews will highlight how using odorless, no-stain, greaseless clear ultrasound gel is much better when compared with other ultrasound gels that have dyes and other skin irritants. The clear ultrasound gel is also formulated for the entire range of frequencies that are used with a home ultrasound machine.

Unlike other ultrasound gels there are no clothing stains, damaged transducers, or skin irritation problems, which are outlined in many home ultrasound machine reviews. Clear ultrasound gel is bacteriostatic, and also hypoallergenic and non-sensitizing, unlike other ultrasound gels that use dyes. Home ultrasound machine reviews recommend using clear ultrasound gel because it contains no formaldehyde or salt. So even with the fact that some home ultrasound machine reviews claim that gels with dyes are effective, with the information demonstrated here it should be obvious which gel prevails.

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