Home Ultrasound Machine for Injuries

Home Ultrasound Machine for Injuries

A home ultrasound machine (or a portable machine) can be used to treat many ailments, including, but not limited to foot pain, poor circulation, neck strain, knee injuries, and pulled muscles. This article will address the use of a home ultrasound machine for knee injuries.

Knee injuries are very common and are typically due to stretching or twisting the ligaments that hold it in place. When stress is forcefully placed on the knee (twisting), tears can happen. Knee injuries also happen when the knee is overworked or under exerted.

Knee injuries are very painful and typically require visits to the doctor and even surgery. If repair doesn’t require surgery, however, a home ultrasound machine or portable ultrasound machine is useful in the treatment of pain and healing of the injury.

Using a home ultrasound machine or portable ultrasound machine gives one the relief of pain from home. There’s no added stress of trying to get in and out of a car with an injured knee to get to the doctor’s office for physical therapy. Instead it’s very easy to just spend a few minutes at home a couple times a day in a comfy chair using a portable ultrasound machine and see (and feel!) the results.

A home ultrasound machine works by sending heat directly to the injured area, which gently promotes healing, as noted in our F.A.Q. page. In addition, the portable ultrasound machine causes blood flow to increase reducing swelling to the injured area. A portable ultrasound machine is easy to use and will certainly help promote healing in many ailments and reduce pain.

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