EZUltrasound and the Home Ultrasound Machine

EZUltrasound and the HOME ULTRASOUND Machine

Ultrasound machines are used as therapy at many physical therapists’ offices, but you can also own one and use it in your own home for consistent pain relief and therapy – right in the comfort of your home. A home ultrasound machine of medical quality is available for easy use. One example of this is the EZUltrasound home ultrasound machine.

Ultrasound therapy uses sound waves to therapeutically ease pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation. Ultrasound therapy is used in the home via a home ultrasound machine. Home ultrasound can be used for treating chronic pain, fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendonitis, and arthritis. High frequency sound waves are used to penetrate the tissue right under the skin for a deeper type of massage that is very healing and soothing to many pain-related conditions.

Home ultrasound therapy is provided to the skin through a wand. Using a specific type of gel, the home ultrasound machine initiates a pulsating, deep tissue massage, when it is rubbed over the area being treated. The gel helps to prevent friction while the ultrasound waves gently massage target areas under the skin, providing circulation and better blood flow to painful or inflamed areas.

Home ultrasound machines can be beneficial to an individual’s therapy in several ways. First, the home ultrasound can use heat as well as sound pulsations to massage an area relieving pain. Sound pulses at a rate of thousands of times per second, and, when combined with heat, can be extremely soothing to injured tendons and ligaments.

Home ultrasound machines also increase blood flow to muscles, which can relieve pain. This type of therapy is especially useful when treating headaches and overworked muscles that need pain relief. Home ultrasound treatment is also therapeutic when used in trigger point areas of the body. The pulsing of the ultrasound, especially if combined with heat, causes trigger points to relax and to release tight muscles. Chronically inflamed tissue will become much less swollen, and injured areas of the body with swelling will return to a normal state over time, when a home ultrasound is used. Studies show that bone fractures heal more quickly when ultrasound therapy is used, and that irritation to nerves can be lessened to a great extent when home ultrasound therapy is used.

Home ultrasound therapy is available through the use of home ultrasound machines. Visit EZUltrasound.com to find a home ultrasound machine to meet your needs.  They have a variety of medical quality, portable machines available for home use and healing.

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