How HOME ULTRASOUND Machines Work To Reduce Pain and Speed Healing

How HOME ULTRASOUND Machines Work To Reduce Pain and Speed Healing

A better and more convenient way of receiving rehabilitation and treatment for pain and inflammation is now available to anyone with the use of an affordable and safe home ultrasound machine. Before now, only chiropractors, physical therapists, and the well-off could afford to own one of these types of machines. With advanced technology, ultrasound machines for home use are now portable and affordable so they can be purchased by anyone who may need this form of treatment for pain relief and speeding up the healing process.

Ultrasound machines for home use utilize pulsed ultrasound, making them safe for public use. They are proven to reduce inflammation and swelling, increase blood flow, and reduce pain. With the use of a home ultrasound machine, tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, back pain, whiplash, and many other conditions can be healed faster while reducing pain and inflammation. This can allow consumers who require rehabilitation or those who suffer with reoccurring conditions to reduce costs of professional treatments and prevent travel and wait times for appointments with their personal, home ultrasound equipment.

Ultrasound machines for home use create sound waves to stimulate the tissue below the skin. With a high frequency massage, sound waves are sent that range from 800,000Hz to 2,000,000Hz to the injured body tissue. The sound waves are sent to the tissue with the use of a transducer or wand. Ultrasound gel is first applied to the skin, which helps reduce the friction and works as a conductor for the ultrasound waves. These waves become generated from a piezoelectric effect that is produced from crystals that vibrate on the transducer. The waves are then passed through the surface of the skin and create a vibration in the surrounding tissues. The vibration causes the tissues to become deeply heated although the user experiences no sensation of this heat.

A home ultrasound machine can relieve pain without surgical procedures or medications. With the use of deep heat, damaged tissue is relieved of inflammation and swelling. Blood flow is increased, which provides increased nutrients to the tissue while relaxing the tissue, thus promoting faster healing. They can also be used to help with the absorption of anti-inflammatory and analgesics. Another benefit of a home ultrasound machine is its capability to decrease trigger point pain, which can cause migraines, backaches, and other soft tissue problems. Studies have shown that home ultrasound therapy can relax tissue, increase blood flow, and breakdown adhesions and scar tissue. Some studies show that this form of therapy may actually promote healing of bone fractures. By using a home ultrasound machine, the natural healing process of the body is increased and nerve root irritation is reduced. Ultrasound machines for home use are available in different types. According to the condition the physician may suggest their patients use portable ultrasound machines for home use.

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