Perfect Home Ultrasound Machine

3 Steps to Picking the Perfect HOME ULTRASOUND Machine

Over the past 10 years, home ultrasound machines have become the norm for athletes and chronic pain sufferers because of ultrasound’s ability to speed healing and relieve pain. But where can you find a home ultrasound machine that’s going to help you fully recover? And with all the home ultrasound machine reviews online, how do you decipher the real from the fake? We’ll help you answer all of these questions and more in this article to make sure you don’t waste your hard earned cash on an ultrasound therapy machine that does not perform.

In this article, you’ll learn the 3 easy steps that will ensure you pick the perfect home ultrasound machine, before purchasing. You’ll learn what to look for in a home ultrasound unit, where to look for quality home ultrasound machine reviews, what should come with your new unit, and why you should buy one.


What You Should Look For in a Home Ultrasound Machine

The online market is littered with different brands of therapeutic ultrasound machines and an accompanying host of online reviews. How do you go about picking the portable home ultrasound machine right for you, though? Here are a few things you should look for when selecting an ultrasound therapy machine:

  • An easy to use, lightweight and easily portable ultrasound unit, such as a pulsed 1Mhz ultrasound machine or wearable ultrasound device
  • Adjustable power settings (low, medium, high) for the versatility to treat any kind of chronic pain
  • Hard protective carry case to house the therapeutic ultrasound machine and gel
  • 1 year minimum warranty, such as the ReliaMed, or preferably, a 5 year warranty, such as the US1000
  • Quality manufacturing certifications, such as, ISO 9001 and USA/FDA/GMP Certification
  • Government and health agency certifications, such as, CE MARK/MDD and USA/FDA 510K Listed
    (Without these manufacturing and government certifications, the ultrasound device is not worth your time or money and may actually be unsafe to use).
  • 60 day, 100% money-back guarantees on all home ultrasound machines. This is critical, because you want to be able to try the unit and see if it works. Because if the machine does not mitigate your pain, you’ll need an ultrasound machine provider with a streamlined return process and no restocking fees.
  • Specific technical specifications: 1Mhz frequency, power output settings of 1 watt/ cm2 or less, pulsed ultrasound output mode and a BNR value in the range of 5-6.
    (See FAQ #17, “What kind of technical specifications should I be looking for in a therapeutic ultrasound machine?”)


Home Ultrasound Machine Reviews: The Real from the Fake

Believe it or not, customer reviews can tell you a great deal about the ultrasound machine you’re thinking of buying. Home ultrasound machine reviews can be found on sites like YouTube, Google, eBay and Amazon, as well as on the sites of specific ultrasound therapy distributors. Now, you may be wondering, how do you distinguish between the real testimonials and the fakes?
To start, reliable customer reviews of a product or company will always appear on sites with an unbiased feedback system, such as Amazon, eBay, Google Product Search, eOpinions and Shopzilla. The home ultrasound machine reviews on a specific retailer’s website can be trusted if they have a similar unbiased review system in place. For example, at we have a product review system (seen here) where customers who have purchased a therapeutic ultrasound machine from us can return to the product listing page, click the “Write a Review” button and tell us their honest opinion of the product.
It’s fine if an ultrasound device distributor wants to include positive customer testimonials within the body of their product listing page. But, if this is the sole source of their site’s home ultrasound machine reviews, then you should be wary. The company can easily write a fake review and put the text in the middle of their sales page. Also, if a company is posting YouTube video reviews, they should be of other customers reviewing the company’s products. Not the company itself reviewing their ultrasound units.
With the speed of the Internet, word travels fast and so do home ultrasound machine reviews. Even if a company is trying to fill their website with fake positive testimonials, they can not compete with the speed at which negative press will appear on Google, blogs, news sites and video sites like YouTube. If there’s any bad press about a company or a machine, you’ll certainly find it with a little digging.


Why Should You Buy a Home Ultrasound Machine?

Therapeutic ultrasound can be beneficial for most people. Everyone suffers from the small aches and pains associated with daily life, but many also suffer from acute injuries and chronic pain conditions that can be alleviated with home ultrasound.
Sports professionals, athletes and active people alike can use a pulsed ultrasound machine or wearable ultrasound unit for post workout recovery. Many also use ultrasound pre-workout to generate deep heat in the muscles or tendons associated with conditions like bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, frozen shoulder, strains or sprains.
The ability to treat yourself in the comfort of your own home, when it’s most convenient for you, is one of the biggest benefits of having a portable ultrasound therapy machine. If you suffer regularly from chronic headaches, tendonitis, tennis elbow, lower back pain, muscle spasms, plantar fasciitis or other painful condition, you can find therapeutic benefits from an ultrasound device.
What bothersome aches and pains hinder your daily activities? How could you benefit from ultrasound therapy? We want to help you live a happier, pain-free life, so send us an email at or call us at 1-888-772-4047 to find out how a therapeutic ultrasound machine from can improve your condition today.

In addition to the three main steps outlined above for picking the perfect home ultrasound machine, you want to buy your unit from a seller who actually cares about your health and well-being not just the sale. Home ultrasound machines should be purchased from a company that specializing in ultrasound, like, that gives you all the answers about ultrasound therapy you need to treat properly.
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At, our goal is to help you heal faster and get back to living a wonderfully pain-free life. We’re here to place portable ultrasound machines in the hands of people around the globe and honor each and every one of those customer connections.

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