Ultrasound Machines for Home Use Promote FAST HEALING While Reducing Pain

Ultrasound Machines for Home Use Promote FAST HEALING While Reducing Pain

Modern technology has become so advanced, that today individuals have the opportunity of purchasing and using an ultrasound machine within their own home. Chiropractors, physical therapists, and other professionals have been using this type of technology for years to help patients be relieved of pain and inflammation of musculoskeletal disorders as well as helping to speed up recovery time. Now individuals can apply this treatment to themselves in the comfort of their own homes without having to visit a medical professional.

Ultrasound machines for home use work by sending high frequency sound waves to the tissue cells of the injured body area. As these sounds are received deep within tissues, blood flow is stimulated and new cell growth is sped up. With the vibration of the home ultrasound machine the injured area is warmed, which draws more blood flow to the area. With this process, more nutrients to the tissues’ cells are provided, reducing inflammation and pain; as well as helping in the healing process for a faster recovery. Individuals are usually instructed to use the home ultrasound machine for approximately 15 minutes per session. A gel is usually applied to the area of treatment first.

Ultrasound machines for home use can provide relief for many different musculoskeletal conditions. Individuals with joint pain, sprains, bursitis, tendonitis, whiplash, fractures, pulled muscles, neuritis, poor circulation, wounds, arthritis, sciatica, shingles, herniated discs, and plantar fasciitis may find that using a home ultrasound machine will alleviate pain and inflammation. With this technology individuals can expect a faster recovery time as well.

Some ultrasound machines for home use are capable of producing one million vibrations per second while generating heat deep within the tissues. Most come with different power settings accommodating a variety of personal preferences. They are lightweight and user friendly for easier mobility. Ultrasound machines for home use are FDA approved and not only provide an easy and natural way to relief pain and promote healing, but are also very cost efficient when compared to professional fees for this type of therapy.
Ultrasound machines for home use are also effective in promoting wound healing. This can be an easy and affordable way to speed up the healing process while reducing pain after surgery. Most of the individual’s who have had surgery, experience some swelling and pain at the surgical site after surgery. With the use of a home ultrasound machine, effective treatments can be applied in the comfort of a patient’s home, cutting down the necessity for physical therapy and rehab visits.

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