Make Your PAIN MEDICINE More Effective with Ultrasound

Home ultrasound machines have been shown to help patients feel less pain and heal more quickly. One way that home ultrasound therapy is used is to make the delivery of topically applied drugs more effective, is through a process called phonophoresis. This process uses home ultrasound machines to push the medications that are rubbed onto the skin, underneath the ultrasound gel allowing the medicine to further penetrate the underlying tissues and muscles that can only be reached through professional or home ultrasound therapy.

Some topical medications are absorbed into the deeper, body tissues phonophoretically. The medication can be driven deeper into the skin with home ultrasound therapy than by massaging the topical medication in by hand. The most effective drugs applied via phonophoresis are anti-inflammatory medications and topical pain relievers, which can be applied using home ultrasound machines. One of the benefits for using home ultrasound therapy is that drugs are delivered only to the area of the body where they are needed. Oral medication delivers the drug to the entire body and not just to the area where it is needed. This means your other organs such as your heart and brain are affected by the oral medication.

Phonophoresis has been used by chiropractors and physical therapists for years to treat conditions such as osteoarthritis, low back pain, traumatic injuries, tension headaches, and other inflammatory or painful conditions. Home ultrasound machines now allow patients to experience the same benefits through home ultrasound therapy, conveniently and affordably.

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