Home Ultrasound Machines Provide Fast PAIN RELIEF for Soft Tissue Injuries

Home Ultrasound Machines Provide Fast PAIN RELIEF for Soft Tissue Injuries

What Is a Soft Tissue Injury?


Have you ever heard a doctor or sports coach refer to a soft tissue injury and wondered what they meant exactly? Well, the soft tissues of the body are ligaments, muscles and tendons. And the injury to these tissues results from chronic stress placed on a joint or can occur from a single blow. Sprains, strains, one-time traumas, contusions and overuse of a particular soft tissue are the most common injuries. The results of a soft tissue injury include bruising, inflammation, loss of function, pain and swelling, all of which impair your ability to go about your daily activities.

Soft tissue injuries are extremely common. Just think of how often a friend or family member speaks of a recently sprained ankle, strained groin muscle or tennis elbow. These type of injuries do not occur exclusively to athletes, but also to everyday people. This is why we strive to give people the ability to treat a soft tissue injury in the comfort of your own home, when it is most convenient for them.

At EZUltrasound.com, our home ultrasound machines allow you rehab injuries quickly, with the least amount of pain.

How Ultrasound Therapy Works to Treat Injuries


Using a home ultrasound machine can help relieve the painful symptoms associated with muscle sprains, joint disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, and other soft tissue injuries. Home ultrasound machines used at the source of pain work by sending low frequency sound waves deep into damaged soft tissue. Once penetrated, the ultrasonic waves cause micro-vibrations within the injured tissue, increasing blood flow to the area. This surge of new blood to the injury site also brings with it nutrients and oxygen that help to decrease inflammation and in turn, decrease pain and stimulate the natural healing process.

There are two types of therapeutic ultrasound machines for home use that you can choose to treat your soft tissue injury:

Pulsed, 1Mhz Ultrasound Machines:

At EZUltrasound, we carry more standard ultrasound models that utilize 1 Mhz, pulsed ultrasound therapy at three output intestities (low, medium and high). Our selection of portable home ultrasound units includes the US-1000 and the very popular UltraCure Pro Ultrasound machines. The UltraCure Pro is an exclusive product available only at www.ezultrasound.com.

These home ultrasound machines are easy to use and very portable with their sturdy carrying cases. Bundled with a travel sized and gel, 1-5 year warranties, international AC adapters, our 60 day satisfaction guarantee & dedicated support, a therapeutic ultrasound machine may be the affordable pain care device you’ve always needed.

Therapeutic Ultrasound vs. Pain Medications


Home ultrasound machines are being used today for pain management and to speed healing of injuries to soft tissues. Choosing to utilize ultrasound therapy instead of addictive pain medications can save you money on prescription and doctor costs. With all the negative side effects accompanying these pain relief medicines and prescription NSAIDs, alternative pain care options are becoming increasingly popular.
While pain medications only mask your symptoms, therapeutic ultrasound will help to actually heal the problem that is causing your pain in the first place. A Home ultrasound machine can relieve swelling, inflammation and pain and trigger a tissue repair effect at the injury site. Recent medical trials are even showing that low frequency, extended dose ultrasound can heal bones fractures faster (ex. Exogen’s Ultrasound Bone Healing System).
Ultrasound therapy is remarkably now available for use in the home environment for rehabilitation and pain management. Without having to visit a physical therapist’s office or rehabilitation treatment center, you can still receive your normal ultrasound treatments. And because EZUltrasound’s machines can be used at home or during travel, your treatments remain even more consistent. Therapeutic ultrasound machines are not intended to cure soft tissue injuries, but they do work to promote faster recovery times, increase range of motion and relieve pain, inflammation and muscle spasms.

Traditional vs. Home Ultrasound Machines


Traditionally, only physical therapists and chiropractors have performed ultrasound treatments in their offices for pain and rehabilitative treatments. These machines are large and bulky and made ultrasound therapy inaccessible to many individuals suffering with recurring pain.
With the advent of the home health care and medical device market, you can now receive pain relief outside of the doctor’s office. You may be wondering, though, “How can a portable ultrasound machine compare to a doctor’s bulky professional model?” There are some differences between the two, but ultrasound machines for home use can be just as effective as medical or professional units.

A doctor’s ultrasound machine will utilize continuous wave ultrasound while a home version will employ pulsed ultrasonic waves. Because home units emit ultrasound in pulses, they are extremely safe for use by the general public because the possibility of tissue overheating is virtually eliminated. You will treat more frequently with an ultrasound therapy machine for home use (1x a day, every day, for 10-15 minutes) than you would with a chiropractor’s ultrasound machine. But, the results will be the same and in the long run, you will save money by doing treatments in the comfort of your own home.

The Final Verdict


Home ultrasound machines are portable, lightweight, easy to operate and safe for general consumer use. With the use of ultrasound gel applied to the injured area, the ultrasound machine is easily used by gently moving the wand head over the area. Besides ultrasound therapy, you can also get an added pain relief benefit through the use of phonophoresis.  Using a phonophoreis ultraound gel with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that can be used by itself before or after ultrasound therapy. A perfect way to get targeted pain relief.

Choosing to use a home ultrasound machine can not only provide pain relief and speed healing, but it is also less costly than professional treatments and may help reduce a dependence on painkillers. A therapeutic ultrasound machine also has the benefit of relieving pain immediately upon use because of the sound waves are being directed right to the source of your pain. Home ultrasound machines come in different wave frequencies providing deeper penetration with higher frequencies. For chronic or acute pain such as pain from arthritis or bone injuries, a 1 MHz ultrasound machine is recommended. These machines provide deep penetration of 4cm below the skin surface.

Ultrasound therapy can not only be used to treat soft tissue injuries, but also to prevent them. By using therapeutic ultrasound to warm-up your muscles pre-workout and speed healing post-workout, you can help safeguard your body against injury. Giving your body adequate rest, lots of stretching and regular home ultrasound treatments, you’ll be well on your way to healing your soft tissue injury and preventing any future recurrences.

About the Author

Christine Beggs was the founder of EZUltrasound.com, the leading provider of portable home ultrasound machines to relieve pain and speed healing.

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