Phonophoresis Explained Using a Home Ultrasound Machine

Phonophoresis Explained Using a Home Ultrasound Machine

The latest effective, drug delivery method that is being used with ultrasound machines* for home use is called Phonophoresis. This is a breakthrough method to deliver drugs that are applied topically that can be used with a home ultrasound machine*. Ultrasound is combined with analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs to help soothe pain for the targeted area. Using ultrasound machines for home use is a highly effective process to deliver medicines much deeper into a person’s tissues and muscles for better results.*

Ultrasound machines for home use are being utilized as an effective transport* system for lipid soluble molecules, or more simply, to administer topical combinations of drugs like ibuprofen directly to inflamed tissue through the skin. Using a home ultrasound machine* is an effective way to transport that is both non-thermal and thermal. With the ability to use ultrasound machines for home use, one is able to use heat that is created from ultrasound waves to increase the kinetic energy of molecules in these topical drugs to allow for more circulation and absorption of the drug. The physical changes caused by ultrasound machines for home use allow the drug molecules to easily be collected by the capillary network in skin.

Using pulsed waves from a home ultrasound machine* there will be no heat buildup, allowing for the direct insertion of drugs to the areas of dysfunction and discomfort. The goal is to have ultrasound machines created for home use to eliminate the use of oral drugs using special combinations of topical gel medicines. The greatest benefit from using a home ultrasound machine is allowing someone to stop taking oral medication, which damages the systems in the body, and the body itself.

* You should always use ultrasound gel with your ultrasound machine. We recommend using Sombra Warm Therapy Gel either before or after using your Home Ultrasound Machine for therapeutic purposes. Using as a ultrasound gel can be used if recommended  by your own Personal Health Care Provider.

*** Please note that the manufacturer no longer recommends using Sombra Warm Therapy Gel with ultrasound therapy, rather they recommend using it as a stand-alone product. The change came about due to the FDA requiring that they receive FDA approval for using their gel with ultrasound therapy. Due to the time and expense required for this to happen they simply no longer recommend their gel be used with ultrasound. For this reason we also cannot recommend Sombra Warm Therapy Gel be used in place of ultrasound gel, rather we recommend our regular ultrasound gel.


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