Reclaim a PAIN-FREE Life with a Home Ultrasound Machine

The Definition of Ultrasound

How would you define ultrasound? Ask this question of most people today and they will likely describe some type of pre-natal sonograph or diagnostic medical imaging. However, there is another type of ultrasound that has been used and endorsed by both chiropractors and physical therapists since the 1940s. It’s called therapeutic ultrasound and is used to relieve pain and heal injuries quickly and completely.

In the past, only pro-athletes and other elite pain sufferers were able to afford treatment with therapeutic ultrasound machines.  But now, with recent technological advances, home ultrasound therapy has become available for everyone at much more affordable prices.

How Therapeutic Ultrasound Machines Work

Therapeutic ultrasound machines employ a transducer or wand to conduct ultrasonic sound waves, which are beyond the range of frequencies heard by humans. The vibration of the sound waves causes a deep heating in the body tissues. Users will not actually feel this sensation of deep heat, though some report they feel the slightest warming of the skin during ultrasound treatments.

Utilizing a 1Mhz frequency,’s home ultrasound machines produce pulsed ultrasound waves, which penetrates the surface layers of the skin causing tissues and muscles to relax. Blood flow is increased and muscular trigger point pain is decreased. The increased blood flow from ultrasound therapy reduces swelling, pain, and chronic inflammation in tendons, joints, and ligaments.

Home ultrasound machine treatments also enhance body tissues’ absorption of analgesics and natural anti-inflammatory agents (a process known as phonophoresis). The release of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue from the increased blood flow removes cell waste and aids healing.

The Convenience of Home Ultrasound Therapy

A home ultrasound machine from EZUltrasound is convenient and user-friendly. All our ultrasound units come with 1-5 year warranties, a 100% money-back guarantee, and hard protective cases for the ultimate portability.

The ultrasound device itself is about the size of a remote control and uses only one button to carry out every function. It’s simple to use yet extremely effective. Ultrasound conductive gel must be used with all therapeutic ultrasound machines in order for the ultrasound waves to transmit into the body.

Using Therapeutic Ultrasound

Acute sufferers of injured muscle tissue, cartilage, and ligaments will be amazed at how quickly home ultrasound machine treatments aid in restoring a full, pain-free range of motion. Athletes who have tried our therapeutic ultrasound machines for tendonitis, bursitis and back pain have enthusiastically reported that after the fifth day of twice daily usage, they had no pain at all. The most positive testimonials we receive are those from people who use their ultrasound machines regularly.

Therapeutic ultrasound machines are proven to significantly decrease swelling and reduce painful fibromyalgia, neck and back pain, scar tissue, arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, and more. They have also been successfully used by our customers as a preventative measure against re-injury. For example, sufferers use our devices to warm-up their muscles before strenuous exercise and reduce inflammation after hard workouts to prevent further damage to an old injury site.

Journey to Better Health, Healing & Happiness

Enjoy the empowerment that comes from performing your own pain relief treatments in the comfort of your own home. Save time, money, and travel to physical therapists and chiropractors and experience the dramatic results a home ultrasound machine can provide. Discuss therapeutic ultrasound machines at your next doctor visit and join the thousands of users who have reclaimed fuller, pain-free lifestyles!