Understanding the Ultrasound Therapy Machine

Understanding the Ultrasound Therapy Machine

Today there are many people using an ultrasound therapy machine; especially chiropractors. Many use this therapy for the treatment of muscle pains, arthritis and joint pain, and other ailments in their patients. An ultrasound therapy machine can also be a handy health instrument for physical therapists and trainers. These health professionals believe that using an ultrasound therapy machine not only speeds up the healing process but can alleviate great amounts of pain from an injury.

The ultrasound therapy machine has attracted much attention and people are curious as to how they really work. Sound waves at a high frequency are employed to encourage blood flow to parts of the body that are injured or are experiencing pain to stimulate cell growth. Vibrations generated by the ultrasound therapy machine cause the treated areas to become heated. This heat will in turn, cause increased blood flow to be drawn to the treatment area bringing more nutrients to the injured area than would normally be delivered.

Ideally the ultimate goal, whether it’s at a doctor’s office or just at home ultrasound therapy, is to increase blood flow to damaged cell tissues promoting cell growth. Now, ultrasound therapy is made easier with the availability of home ultrasound machines.

Home ultrasound machines are for those who want to do their own treatments. A typical application from a home ultrasound machine lasts about 15 minutes and can be administered daily for best results. Using an anti-inflammatory cream with a home ultrasound machine works well and adds to the effects of the treatment.

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