What Customers are Saying:

The ultrasound machine has been a “God send”. I’ve had chronic back pain for years and discovered ultrasound was the only thing that eased my debilitating back spasms. I was paying $40 per treatment at the physical therapist office. I found your machine and it just plain works. It’s1000% times worth the time and investment. Thank you!
− Robin, California



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Providing home ultrasound therapy machines, EZUltrasound has been helping people heal faster and more completely, and reduce pain in the comfort of their own home since 2007.

We supply only the highest quality home ultrasound machine. Click on our ultrasound machines and take a peek at the amazing reviews and testimonials from our happy, pain-free customers!

Ultrasound machines for home use at low frequencies, such as 1Mhz,

are safe & have been proven to stimulate blood flow, decrease swelling and reduce inflammation.

Our mission: Provide affordable, therapeutic ultrasound machines.

We care about your healing & offer dedicated support to every customer. For more information about ultrasound therapy, please visit our FAQ’s page and the EZUltrasound library.



“Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I was so impressed by your customer service that I bought an ultrasound immediately. Thank you again!”
− J.R, Australia

“Thank you for your exceptional and outstanding customer service! I am so impressed. I will definitely make use of EZUltrasound again in the future.”
− M.V.B, South Africa